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Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Cancer Optimal Pathway Group

The group provides strategic oversight for the improvement of Upper GI cancer outcomes and patient experience across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. By taking a whole pathway and systemwide approach, the group implements and supports:

  • Urgent responses to pressures recently seen with COVID-19
  • National cancer priorities outlined in the in the NHS 5 Year Forward View and NHS Long Term Plan (screening, early diagnosis, delivery of the Rapid Diagnostic Pathways and Personalised Care interventions)
  • Development and update of the local clinical guidelines.

The group plans to meet three times a year, with the schedule culminating in an educational event, where shared learning and best practice is presented to a wider networked audience.

The group has delivered the following projects to date:

  • An IST analysis to identify pressure points in the pathway. Action plans have been developed and resources allocated to support the identified actions
  • Implementation of a timed oesophago-gastric cancer diagnostic pathway across all Trusts
  • A review of UGI 2ww forms from across the region to identify and share best practice
  • An education event 'Working Together To Improve Upper GI Outcomes In West Yorkshire and Harrogate' in September 2021

Current priority project target areas for the group are:

  • To support the roll out of two cytosponge pilots Cambridge (focusing on Barrett’s oesophagus patients) and a national pilot (focusing on patients displaying reflux symptoms)
  • To conduct an IST analysis towards the end of the year
  • To support the recovery of the system through building on current networks, sharing best practice, expertise and approaches across the region.

If you require further information, please contact the Optimal Pathways team by emailing

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