Healthy Communities and Cancer Screening

The Healthy Communities Programme aims to increase the uptake of bowel, breast and cervical cancer screening across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, as well as working on the prevention of cancer by promoting smoking cessation, healthy weight, physical activity and reducing alcohol consumption.

Vision & Objectives

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  • Reduce the variation in cancer screening uptake at local level and across West Yorkshire and Harrogate as a whole, and increase the proportion of cancers diagnosed at an early stage.
  • Prioritise evidence-based interventions and the role of wider stakeholders as well as the NHS in increasing the numbers of people taking up screening.
  • Work with stakeholders to promote healthy lifestyles within communities as part of wider health improvement, thereby helping to prevent cancer .
  • Improve performance against wider health improvement indicators such as smoking cessation, healthy weight, physical activity and reductions in alcohol consumption throughout the cancer pathway with a focus on tackling health inequality.                                               (Photographs courtesy of World Obesity Federation)

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      Desired Outcomes

       These include:

       More people surviving cancer and living longer.

       A stage shift in cancer diagnosis.

       More eligible people accessing cancer screening.

       Greater awareness of the importance of                     maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Our Work

  • Click here for information about the cancer screening programmes and our work to increase screening uptake in our communities.
  • Click here to read more about the work on health improvement and cancer prevention.
  • The Cancer Alliance is working with a regional charity, the Yorkshire Cancer Community, to recruit people in local communities who can promote positive health messages and help catch more cancers early. To find out more, and apply, visit the CancerSMART webpages. Watch this space for their podcast, currently in development.

 Hayley Snowden (2).jpgFor more information, contact: Hayley Snowden, Healthy Communities Project Manager,   Manager, email, or call 07870 990 684