Supporting all our panel members to stay safe and well at this time, and to avoid situations where health and safety could be compromised, is of the greatest importance to both the Alliance and our partners at Healthwatch Wakefield, who host the panel.

The Cancer Alliance and Healthwatch Wakefield are supporting panel members to continue to carry out their important work remotely - by email, video/telephone conferencing and where possible/preferred, through one to one telephone contact. 

Patient panel members, the Cancer Alliance and Healthwatch Wakefield received a national volunteering award in 2021. Read more in our Latest News section about the Helpforce Champions award.

What is our Community/Patient Panel?

Our community/patient panel is just one of the ways in which West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance is working with those affected by cancer across our area - patients and their families, carers, service users - to ensure their experiences and views influence the work that we do and the decisions we take.

To do this effectively, we want to ensure that the membership of the panel is as diverse as possible, in terms of where people live; the type(s) of cancer they are experiencing or have experienced; the communities they come from and their personal backgrounds and circumstances.

To help us make this happen, we are working with our partners at Healthwatch Wakefield and with other Healthwatch services around the region. Our Panel Co-ordinator is based at Healthwatch Wakefield.

If you're interested, contact the Cancer Alliance by phone on 01924 317560; by email or by post at Healthwatch Wakefield, The Plex, 15 Margaret Street, Wakefield WF1 2DQ.

Pictured, left, is Claude Hendrickson, who has signed up to our community/patient panel. Click here to read Claude's story.


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Here are a few frequently asked questions about the panel that may be helpful:

What are the aims of the Community Panel?

The aim of the panel is to support cancer patients, carers and anyone affected by cancer to get involved with and influence the work of the Cancer Alliance.

The panel aims to ensure that the patient voice is heard, ensuring that the local places of West Yorkshire and Harrogate are represented alongside a broad range of ages and backgrounds, and also cancer types.

The panel works closely with the Cancer Alliance across its programmes of work, including Living With And Beyond Cancer, Healthy Communities, New Models of Care and Optimal Pathways.

What is the role of a panel member?

Commitment can vary, depending on what works for each individual member and their preferences. For example, we are aware that those undergoing treatment may not be able to respond quickly or may be too tired to participate. We will support those members to allow them to participate and engage meaningfully in ways that work for them. Some people may be unable to attend meetings and prefer to provide their contribution online or by telephone. 

There will be the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways, from attending meetings, to responding to consultations, to reading and advising on information for patients. You may be asked to comment on written proposals, consultations or bids. This might be at a meeting, in a facilitated group session or via email, skype or other digital platform.

So what skills might I need to get involved?

Everyone has something to offer - ideas, skills and expertise that will help to inform and steer the work of the Alliance. Some of the things you will need are:

  • Live or have received care or services in West Yorkshire/Harrogate
  • Have a genuine interest and passion for improving cancer care or treatment
  • Willing and able to work as a team with other panel members
  • Believe that those affected by cancer should be supported to get involved in how care, treatment and support is provided

Can I claim expenses?

Yes all panel members will be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses, including travel.

How can I register my interest?

Click here to learn more on the Healthwatch Wakefield website.

Click here to access the panel information pack and application form on the Healthwatch Wakefield website.