Rapid Diagnostic Centres

The commitment to roll out Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) forms an important part of the broader national strategy to deliver faster and earlier diagnosis and improved patient experience.

The national Rapid Diagnostic Centre specification was developed following the successful ACE (Accelerate, Coordinate, Evaluate) programmes, in which cancer services in Leeds and Airedale played a significant part.

The central aim of RDCs is speeding up diagnosis - cancer or otherwise.

The national vision for RDC’s is to offer:

  • A single point of access to a diagnostic pathway for all patients with symptoms that could indicate cancer
  • A personalised, accurate and rapid diagnosis of patients’ symptoms by integrating existing diagnostic provision and using networked clinical expertise and information at local level.

Learn more about Rapid Diagnostic Centres and watch the video below.

The aim is that by 2023-24, all pathways for urgent cancer referrals will incorporate the seven key components of the Rapid Diagnostic model - see below.

7 components of RDCs.jpg









You can read more detail in the national specification for rapid diagnostic services


Ipsos MORI Faster Diagnosis Programme Evaluation Workshop

The workshop took place in February 2022. It presented key learning from Year One of the evaluation, as well as facilitating reflection on recent programme changes, with an overview on Year Two evaluation case studies and upcoming evaluation activities.

Click the link to view the presentation from the event.