Each person whose life has been affected by cancer has a different story to tell.

We need to listen and learn from their experiences if we are to achieve our ambition of wrapping services around each individual patient and of ensuring that patient experience is taken as seriously as the clinical effectiveness of their care and treatment.

Scroll down to read, hear and view the personal stories told to us by patients and carers. Our thanks to those who have been willing to share.

Just 10 minutes could save your life, says Katie

Mum of two Katie Storey is passionate about urging women to attending their smear tests, spreading the message as far and wide as she can that it’s just ten minutes but it could save your life!

Karen's Story

Anne's Story - "Talk About Your Concerns And Fears - Don't Keep Them To Yourself"

Cancer patient Anne is doing well and is an active member of the Cancer Alliance community/patient panel. Looking back at the timeline of her cancer journey, Anne is keen to convey the importance of seeking urgent medical advice.“It’s so important to talk to people about your concerns and your fears, rather than keeping them to yourself."

Ric's Story - "Something told me I needed to get checked out, I noticed that it was different this time...."

Lung cancer patient Ric talks about why he is backing the latest phase of the #HelpUsHelpYou campaign to raise awareness of signs and symptoms....

Paula's Story: Act On Changes That Are Unusual For You

Paula Sherriff has long campaigned for improvements in health services for women but her work was brought into sharp focus when she developed a serious illness of her own - breast cancer.

Karen's Story - Cancer Care Remained Excellent During Covid

A personalised approach by medical and nursing staff, their kindness, commitment and professionalism helped Karen to cope with her cancer treatment during the pandemic. Don't hesitate to act on signs and symptoms, she says.

Cancer Treatment Keeps You Alive : Personalised Post-Treatment Support Lets You Live

Listening to patients about what matters to them is as important as clinical care, says Bradford ovarian cancer patient, Val, who has welcomed the recently-launched Quality of Life survey, looking at what matters most to patients and their experience of living with and beyond their cancer diagnosis.

Jacqui's Story

Jacqui is living with stage 4, incurable malignant melanoma and had her right lung removed five years ago. She continues to live life to the full, and is backing the Help Us Help You campaign to encourage anyone concerned about signs and symptoms that may be cancer to seek advice from their GP. The NHS is still here to help during Covid.

Mammograms, Mysteries and Myths: Heather's Story

Monitored patient Heather Parker writes about her positive experience of breast screening, and the importance of attending for your mammogram appointment.

Don’t Just Sit On Your Symptoms – Act Now!

Here Lynne shares her experience of diagnostic surgery during COVID-19 and urges anyone concerned about possible cancer to contact their GP practice for advice